Customers want your meaning first!

It’s official, we’re in a new era of conscious business. We used to sell through status, today your existing and new dream clients want your meaning first. The problem is how do you deliver meaning? Through your “HERO PRODUCTS” Whether you are a legacy business with a multi million turnover or an up and coming brand, this webinar is essential viewing for those who want to know the proven roadmap to build their reimagined growth and direct impact in 2022. - ‘I know meaning is important, I know my business has a “Hero Product” I just don’t know how to unlock my meaning and make my hero product shine?' Sara built her expertise in helping CEOS build their “Hero Product” so that it makes instant connection to their dream clients directly, digitally and through wholesale by being able to answer HOW brands can unlock their UNIQUE POWER POSITION. Your unique power position is the part of YOU and YOUR Business that makes you stand out, and gives you the opportunity to build re imagined growth and impact, yes even in these uncertain covid times. How much growth do you think is possible when you know HOW to focus on your “Hero Product” and deliver awesome Hero Product launches? Through the conscious innovator method Sara has and is consistently delivering CEO’s the ability to grow their businesses by up to 100% in less than 12 months. HOW? Because, when you follow a method and a roadmap to ALIGN All the parts of your business to Your Unique power position and your “hero product” you stand out, and can be category king. Today, you have one second to stand out and make a connection to your new and existing dream clients in our overwhelmed digital world, you can only do this when ALL the parts of your business are aligned. Making conscious products, brands and businesses, is different. WHY? Because, typically you are innovating, typically there are many components to your why, typically it's hard to know what to focus on and how and who to deliver your “hero products’ to. Sara left her top job as head buyer for Harvey Nichols after buying the world’s leading brands, to work out HOW to build a new roadmap for conscious product innovation, the journey has taken Sara 10 years, and in our upcoming webinar Sara reveals her top secrets exclusively for you of HOW You can build re imagined growth and impact in 2022. - Do you want to become the category leader in your space? reserve your seat for our webinar with Sara: ‘Why your ‘WHY’ not focusing on your hero product is losing you sales’. 1. She’ll be demystifying HOW to find your meaning and unlock the unique power position of your brand, so you can engage that across your business to supercharge your sales instantly. 2. Sharing HOW to transform your product into “hero products” for the world's new normal, conscious buyers and conscious consumers. 3. Unlocking the 3 big mistakes CEOs make connecting their innovation and meaning to their product and how they sell, costing you $100,000s in lost revenue potential per year. 4. You’ll learn the 12 key foundations behind The Conscious Innovator method, HOW to transform your product into a “hero product” and build instant connection by unlocking your UNIQUE POWER POSITION. 5. Sara will answer your questions LIVE on HOW you can unlock your meaning and build your legacy. - Expect to walk away with an uncomfortable self realization of what you're doing wrong in building direct connection with clients, paired with tips, tricks, and tools that you will be able to apply to your business... instantly to deliver your imagined growth.


25th March 2022

10:00pm Hong Kong / Shanghai

2:00pm UK

3:00pm CET (Paris, Milan, Berlin)

10:00am EST (New York, Boston)



Sara Simmonds




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